Tuesday Dr. Oz asks “Medical Marijuana: Is it Time to Make it Legal?”

Tue, Mar 29, Dr. Oz show asks "Medical Marijuana: Is it Time to Make it Legal?" (click image for promo video, available to Mar 30, 2011)

On Tuesday’s edition of The Dr. Oz Show NORML Executive Director Allen St. Pierre appears along with Montel Williams and Dr. Donald Abrams, as well as an audience loaded with NORML activists from around the Tri-State area.

The show, “Medical Marijuana: Is it Time to Make it Legal?” also brings in former ONDCP staffer Andrea Barthwell (now a consultant for a firm she created called EMGlobal Public Health) and audience members from a heroin rehab center to examine the issue of medical marijuana.

Because, after all, medical marijuana could lead to heroin addiction (*face palm*).

Click the image to visit the Dr. Oz website and watch the promotional video – you’ll hear St. Pierre telling Barthwell “you’re wrong!” and you” hear Williams respond with righteous indignation in support of medical marijuana.  (That video will be gone by Wednesday.)  Check the Dr. Oz website or your local listings to find if and when the Dr. Oz show airs in your area.