Andrea Barthwell claims that marijuana is ‘untested’

The American Society of Addiction Medicine has been on a PR campaign, peddling an old “white paper” of theirs, claiming that they know better than doctors regarding the treatment of patients for things like cancer and neuropathy. In actuality, they’re opposing medical marijuana because they see legalization as a threat to their profits. They’ve got another article at Opposing Views with this gem from our old friend and snake-oil salesman Andrea Barthwell:

“If physicians were treating patients with other untested substances, there would be a public outcry,” Dr. Barthwell said.

Marijuana untested? Wow. That’s certainly going to be a surprise to the 100 million Americans who have used marijuana. Gee, maybe they’re all like Bill Clinton and didn’t inhale.

What about the thousands of years of use? Just didn’t happen?

Or how about all the thousands of actual, you know, scientific tests that have been conducted on marijuana? How did they all manage to leave marijuana untested?

What about Sativex? You know, the liquid marijuana whole plant extract developed by GW Pharmaceuticals after years of testing for which you were a lobbyist.


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