Maliciously misguided

bullet image This post at Opposing News includes Senator Jay Rocefeller’s full response to why he confirmed Michele Leonhart for head of the DEA.

His letter is almost perfectly typical of the kind of response you get from so many elected officials on this issue, and could almost serve as a template.

Here’s the exciting conclusion:

You should know that I am opposed to the recreational use of all illegal drugs. I am very proud of my long record of fighting drug abuse and crime related to it. I have voted to support harsh penalties for drug offenders and have worked hard to make funding available so our police can properly train and equip themselves for the war on drugs. I believe it is very important to punish drug offenders, help the addicted when we can, and keep drugs away from our children, and my votes in the Senate reflect those values.

At the same time, I believe that our government must enact policies that are effective, and not merely punitive, as we work to prevent drug abuse. That is why I am committed to providing treatment where it is appropriate, enforcement where it is necessary, and education in healthful choices for everyone. Rehabilitation services must be a priority in order to help those with drug addiction, which could save many lives and many families, and over time will be a bargain compared to the ravages of crime, increased health care costs, and the overwhelming costs of incarcerating so many of our state’s youth.

Thank you again for being in touch. I wish you the very best.
With Warm Regards,

Jay Rockefeller

I like the “wishing you the best” and “warm regards” after salivating over punishing people.

bullet image ASAM issues white paper to halt medical marijuana use in many states

It’s a press release by the American Society of Addiction Medicine about their “white paper” opposing medical marijuana. It’s put together, in part, by Andrea Barthwell and Robert DuPont, so you know it’s full of lies and deception.

Here’s an organization that is actually inserting itself into the realm of other medical professionals to tell them what they should or should not do, all to protect the profits of the treatment industry.

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