How much more surreal can the DEA get?

Now I’m a full-blown opponent of the death penalty. I think it’s immoral, impractical, unfairly administered, and has way too much potential for error. I also reject the notion that a free individual can assign that duty to someone else (nominally called “the government”) and escape personal responsibility. I’m thrilled that Illinois has finally abolished it completely.

Still, I find this story about the DEA seizing an execution drug from the state of Georgia morbidly amusing.

Georgia Execution Drug Is Seized

The Drug Enforcement Administration has seized a key execution drug from the Georgia prison system because of concerns about how the state imported the drug from overseas.

Like other states, Georgia last year was forced to import thiopental sodium from England due to a U.S. shortage of the drug, which is used to carry out lethal injections.

“Questions came to light with how the substance was imported” by Georgia, said DEA agent Chuvalo Truesdell, declining to elaborate. He said the DEA will retain control of the drug while it conducts an investigation, which could last up to six months.

Good thing the DEA’s all over that. Importing drugs without proper federal clearance could result in dangerous drugs that might end up killing someone…

Must be a tough job seizing execution drugs from states and tracking down those pesky medical marijuana dealers in Montana.

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