Outlaw it now, before more children die

Another teen has fallen victim to the dangers of Equasy. Lauren Bryant, 16 was found on Sunday afternoon and died on the way to the hospital.

Sure, the rich protect their use of equasy even as they work to imprison those who use ecstasy, a drug no more dangerous. In fact, Professor David Nutt was fired from his job advising the UK government for daring to point out that equasy is as harmful as ecstasy.

While they shudder in horror at the notion of a 16-year-old using marijuana (something that couldn’t kill them), these same people actually encourage equasy for their youth (it was, in fact, a birthday present from her family that ended up causing Lauren’s death).

Children are dying. Attractive white children even. Children who live far from the inner city.

How can we possibly outlaw marijuana and ecstasy while these jodhpur-wearing country-club trash continue to defend and protect their equasy?

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