Day: March 2, 2011

NORML: America’s Best Known and Respected Marijuana Lobby Organization Turns 40-Years Old!

The Cause: Cannabis
In early November of 1970, a young public interest lawyer named R. Keith Stroup, along with a few of his friends who also believed that state and federal laws that criminalized the responsible use of marijuana by adults was counter-productive and unenforceable, met in a Georgetown row house in the nation’s capital of […]

How are you going to stop it?

No matter what you do to try to stop the supply of drugs, people will find a way to get around it, over it, under it, or through it.

Why? Because it’s so unbelievably profitable.

Here’s yet another drug smuggling submarine that was found in Colombia.

Just over 100 feet long and made out of fiberglass, capable of […]