Narconon, part of the Scientologist empire, is one of the more bizarre and unprincipled outfits profiting from the marijuana treatment scam.

Their latest effort has me mostly scratching my head in puzzlement.

In this press release by the organization I love the way they try to look like they’re the balanced source of factual information

There is so much controversy over the long term and short term effects of weed that it can be hard to get at the truth. Well-financed figures on both sides display their opposing views about the drug’s harm or safety. If a person, young or old, wanted the facts on weed, where would they turn?

Now Bobby Wiggins, a spokesperson and drug educator for Narconon International, explains one of the key problems related to the effects of weed consumption in a clear, three-minute YouTube video. Mr. Wiggins has educated hundreds of thousands of children on the dangers of drug use and recorded the video about the long-term effects of weed to continue the education about the effects of weed use on a broader scale.

In the video, Mr. Wiggins claims that marijuana depletes your magnesium levels, putting you on downward-tracking cycle of highs and lows.

My first thought was that, if this is true, there’s an obvious and easy solution — eat vegetables, beans and nuts that contain magnesium to restore magnesium levels (or use supplements). But is it true?

I haven’t found any reliable information on cannabis and magnesium levels, other than magnesium deficiency in plants, which can cause a yellowing in the older leaves.

I’m assuming this is just more Narconon quackery that they’ve pulled out of their ass. Perhaps we’ve done such a good job of debunking all the normal marijuana scares that they felt the need to make up a new one. Does anybody know anything else on this?

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