Question and Answer (Updated)

It now seems likely that President Obama will be asked to answer the top vote-getter at YouTube (today at 2:30 pm EST)

Here is my prediction of his non-answer (note that I waited to post this until shortly before so he couldn’t steal it!)

Thanks for your question, and for your valuable service to our Nation. I understand that the specifics of how we deal with the scourge of drugs and related violence can be a divisive issue. In the past, we have not focused enough on treatment and prevention, which is why my National Drug Control Strategy calls for a balanced approach to drug policy, and I’ve backed that up with a significant increase in funding for treatment efforts.

Hearing the concerns of the men and women in blue is important to me. As I talk to law enforcement groups around the country, they tell me about the horrific impact of drugs on the children in their communities, and it makes me even more certain that we cannot and will not surrender in this critical fight.

Note: This is not his answer. It’s my prediction of his answer.


Here it is. If you only listen to the first 11 words of his answer, it’s a great answer, and the best we could hope for…

President Obama: “Well, I think this is an entirely legitimate topic for debate.”

Here’s that version:

Here’s the actual full answer:

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