Questions for Obama

It’s already been discussed some here on the comment threads, but YouTube is once again collecting questions for the President.

Who knows what they’ll end up letting through, and who knows whether he’ll give a serious answer, but if you’re interested in the exercise, here’s the site.

One of the better questions is from LEAP:

As a police officer, I saw how waging the war on drugs has cost a trillion dollars and thousands of lives but does nothing to reduce drug use. Should we discuss legalizing marijuana and other drugs, which would eliminate the violent criminal market?

In the search box on the right, type in “as a police officer” and you should easily find this one, so you can vote favorably for it.

Feel free to check out any others about drug policy as well.

Note: there are some glitches (intentional?) in the search engine. Marijuana and cannabis come up with no valid questions, yet there are currently valid questions with those terms (search drug policy, for example, or just look at the most popular questions).

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