Antonietta ‘Toni’ Boucher responsible for childrens’ deaths

The latest ignorant and fact-free screed comes from Connecticut State Senator Toni Boucher: “Fake Pot” — A New Threat to Children and Parents.

I began work on halting efforts to expand marijuana use after emotional appeals for help from mothers and fathers who had found their young children dead from drug overdoses after years of marijuana use.

Clearly, those mothers and fathers have been betrayed by giving their trust to their senator. Marijuana did not cause those deaths. Those deaths have come about because Toni Boucher and other elected officials have continually put the distribution and safety of illicit drugs in the hands of criminals through banning them, rather than saving lives by regulating these drugs.

She knows her responsibility:

As elected officials and advocates for a health and safety of our constituents, we are entrusted to help improve the lives of the people we represent, not place them in harms way.

And yet, it is through banning drugs that she puts their lives in harms way.

Additionally, by continuing the push to ban marijuana, it is the politicians who have created a market for fake pot, it is the politicians who have created a reason to shift to other drugs, and it is the politicians who have put marijuana sales in the same category and distribution network as heroin and cocaine.

Toni Boucher has blood on her hands. And she attempts to clean up that blood either with willful ignorance, or outright lies.

According to medical experts, however, one marijuana cigarette is even more lethal than a cigarette, 4-5 times more.

You don’t serve your constituents by lying to them and making them less safe.

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