State Policy Update (1/14/2022)

Here is NORML’s weekly update on pending state legislation in Wisconsin, West Virginia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Kentucky, Indiana, Georgia, Florida, Delaware, Alaska.
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Corporate choices

I’m fascinated by all the concerned “freedom-fighters” who are opposed to companies mandating vaccination, negative COVID tests, and/or masks.

Where have they been when it came to decades of drug testing?

It seems odd to me that many of those who were fine with drug testing (which was never about on-the-job impairment and so didn’t […]

Update: Ballot Initiative and Referendum Efforts

Update: Ballot Initiative and Referendum Efforts. View a map of signing locations. Learn about volunteer opportunities. 
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Texas: Austin Decriminalization Initiative Qualifies for the Ballot, Other Texas Cities Follow

Despite over 60 percent of Texas voters supporting marijuana legalization, advocates continue to face an uphill battle in the legislature. In response, activists in Texas are now expanding their efforts to focusing on implementing reforms at the local …