Torture and drug policy

“We don’t torture people in America and people who say we do simply know nothing about our country.” – George W. Bush [Interview with Australian TV – 10/18/03]

At the recent GOP Presidential candidate debate on Fox, the five participants were asked to raise their hands if they could support the use of torture […]

Mexican protesters marching

Mexican protesters begin 3-day march seeking end to drug war

Hundreds of protesters began a three-day march to Mexico’s capital Thursday, demanding peace in the war between the government and drug cartels.

Some carried signs bearing the names of victims of the brutal wave of drug-related violence that has hit many parts of the […]

Open Thread

It’s finals week and the end of an extremely busy semester.

OK, this music video isn’t for everyone, and it certainly is not going to do much to convert those who are opposed to legalization and the cannabis culture, but I think it’s very well done on a number of levels.

We don’t […]