Odds and Ends

The Failed Promise of Legal Pot

Other than the click-bait headline, this feature article has a lot of useful stuff, including the inescapable conclusion that we’ve talked about all along. In order to pull the legs out of the black market, legalization needs to make is easier to be legal. But, of course, with the […]

Louisiana: Governor Signs Legislation Amending State’s Dormant Medical Marijuana Law

Governor John Bel Edwards signed legislation today amending the state’s dormant medical marijuana law. Louisiana is set to become the 25th state to permit for the physician-supervised use of medical cannabis and/or cannabis-infused preparations for qualified patients.

Silly prohibitionists

Map of Colorado marijuana being smuggled to other states, based on info provided by the DEA’s El Paso “Intelligence” Center

Um, yeah… That’s not Colorado.

[Thanks, Allan!]

Note: USA Today has since fixed the map in their story.