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Federal gag

‘Kettle Falls 5′ case tests marijuana laws

Clearly the feds are not done going after people in states where marijuana is legal. Now, I don’t really know the specifics of this case, what all the charges are, or which of them are true.

But it’s this passage in the article that really makes my blood […]

Open Thread

The hosting system I use has gotten new servers, and over the past couple of days, they’ve been migrating DrugWarRant and others to new hardware. Because of this, there may have been a couple of downtimes for the site, and it’s also possible that there may have been a glitch or two in the transition. […]

While criticizing the media for getting the science wrong on marijuana, media gets the science wrong

How bad is marijuana for your health? What recent press coverage gets wrong.

In an otherwise good critique of the media’s coverage of health issues of marijuana, Slate’s Brian Palmer includes this paragraph:

If you are considering smoking pot—or quitting—here is what you need to know. Smoking marijuana once is very unlikely to harm you. […]

Some real sanity in Minnesota

This is big.

Minnesota Now Requires A Criminal Conviction Before People Can Lose Their Property

In a big win for property rights and due process, Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton signed a bill yesterday to curb an abusive—and little known—police practice called civil forfeiture. Unlike criminal forfeiture, under civil forfeiture someone does not have to be […]

The drug war takes another hit

Lots of media coverage about the new report out from the London School of Economics. Check out Time to rethink the war on drugs by Kasia Malinowska-Sempruch at CNN, for example.

How bad is it? The London School of Economics this week publishes a report that attempts to quantify some of these consequences of the […]

They just enforce the laws…

Very interesting video from a local news program interviewing Dennis Flaherty of the Minnesota Peace and Police Officers Association. This is a group that opposes and testifies against any medical marijuana bill in the state and which the Minnesota Governor has said must approve the law.

Flaherty is an outright liar throughout the segment, claiming […]

Cannabis in Japan

Fascinating article in The Japan Times by Jon Mitchell: Cannabis: the fabric of Japan

It’s about Junichi Takayasu – a man who has spent his life working to preserve knowledge of cannabis culture in Japan – a history which dates back to the Jomon Period (10,000-200 B.C.).

It was interesting (and saddening) to read about […]

Policing a plethora of potheads

This is nothing but a silly letter to the editor, but the headline caught my attention: Marijuana legalization is truly indefensible

Wow! Indefensible? Strong stuff.

The letter was nonsense, but I loved this sentence.

Law enforcement has a hard enough time policing drunks, yet alone a plethora of potheads.

Such a delightful phrase. I’m trying […]

OpenVAPE throws allies under the bus; drug tests employees

For years, suspicionless drug testing has been used to demonize people, not make workplaces safer. And now, we’ve got some idiots in the cannabis business who are jumping on the drug testing bandwagon. This is really pathetic.

O.penVAPE, the Nation’s Largest Cannabis Brand, Will Test Employees for Dangerous Drug Abuse

O.penVAPE, the largest brand in […]

Media nonsense

Maia Szalavitz has another excellent article, this time in Salon: How NBC and our reactionary media perpetuate the war on drugs

Journalists are no less likely to take drugs than anyone else—indeed, in my admittedly anecdotal experience, they’re morelikely to use. You’d think that this would make us especially skeptical both about federal policies that […]