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Minutes of fame

Well this appeared out of nowhere on Facebook this morning – it’s one of my quotes from Guitherisms – haven’t thought about it in years (the picture was from New Orleans in 2008).

It has taken off virally today, with over 2,500 shares last I checked. The image also refers to this article at […]

Just making it up as he goes along

Kevin Sabet currently is at a Philosophy Festival called How The Light Gets In 2014 where he is a panelist in a sold-out event entitled “Morality, Hypocrisy, and Health.” (I’ll let you decide where he fits in.)

Here are a couple of tweets quoting his statements in the panel:

Daniel Hultgren @diftol “The alcohol & […]

Odds and Ends

Scholars Scramble for the Archives of Marijuana Legalization

Ah, yes, we have certainly come a long way, from being the outcast crazies to being a significant movement in history.

Symphony’s first cannabis concert woos, raises funds

I would have loved to be there. But what I really look forward to is the jazz […]

O.penVAPE changes drug testing policy

You may remember that O.penVAPE came out with an offensive drug testing policy for their employees (OpenVAPE throws alies under the bus; drug tests employees).

The reform community (including readers here) reacted strongly. At first, O.penVAPE’s Todd Mitchem badly ridiculed the reaction, but then they got the message from us.

O.penVAPE’s leadership participated in some […]

FBI meets reality

Potential FBI Hackers Smoking Weed Before Interviews Triggers No Drugs Policy Review

The FBI has admitted that it is considering relaxing its strict rules against drug taking, in a bid to try to encourage more hackers to work for them in the ongoing war against cybercrime.

On Monday, FBI Director James B Comey told an […]

Open Thread

I’ll be on the road this coming week, visiting my parents in Quincy, Illinois and Indianola, Iowa. Looking forward to playing pool with my dad and maybe cooking some orange roughy for my mom (her favorite fish).

I’ll check in when I can.

Very curious to see what will happen with the lawsuit against the […]

DEA bragging about tragedy

I found this Press Release put out by the DEA to be… disturbing.

It’s a tragedy. Four people went and bought heroin together, and all four used it. One became unconscious and the others, afraid to get help, left her in a bedroom. The next morning, one of them found her dead, and again, afraid […]

Meet Martha

… and her mom.

One of the toughest things in the world of drugs and drug policy is the parent who loses a child to drug overdose.

I feel for them, and their feelings of disbelief and rage. I can understand their immediate reaction to want whoever did this to their child to be punished […]

Who is supervising the DEA?

Supposedly the DEA is under the Department of Justice, and therefore under the supervision of the Attorney General, and also supposedly the DEA reports to Congress and is subject to their demands, and also supposedly through the Attorney General, the DEA (and particularly the head of the DEA) reports to the President… and yet, it […]