President Obama Finally Speaks Out on Legalization

November 18, 2012

Oops, sorry, my bad. That was from 2004.

The silence from the administration has been deafening. And other states and countries have been stepping into the void to make a case for legalization. The genie is definitely out of the bottle.

It’s interesting to watch the silence on Twitter. Rafael Lemaitre, the Communications Director or the ONDCP hasn’t tweeted since October 14, except to re-tweet some posts by others that had nothing to do with marijuana legalization. And the other ONDCP twitter account has joked about Director Kerlikowske secretly desiring to guest host NPR’s show “Wait, Wait,” and yet hasn’t commented on the Washington and Colorado votes. The ONDCP blog talked about drugged driving legislation in California, and a Veteran’s Day message, but nothing on the elections. Clearly, the ONDCP has been told in no uncertain terms to keep its collective mouth shut.

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  • denbee

    Well, what’s a deceptive government going to do? The genie is certainly out of the bottle. The entire country knows the truth about canniabis thanks to the internet. America needs a choice over alcohol. A safer choice. That in itself is reason to legalize. Stop the very harmful monopoly the alcohol industry has on America. Time to take our heads out of the sand. It was a lie well played for over 70 years. You don’t think the alcohol industry has had a little bit of influence in keeping the lie alive? But now the spotlight is on “don’t let them grow their own”. Greed knows the game well. If you can’t stop them control them, regulate them. Keep making criminals out of them…or at least, alot of them. Don’t cut the prohibition gravy train entirely! What part of “treat marijuana like we treat alcohol” is unclear? We allow beer making at home, wine making at home and even a limited amount of distilled alcohol at home..common sense seems to suggest that we allow cannabis gardens also. Let freedom grow! Drop a seed in the soil, let mother nature do the rest. Try that with alcohol! Democracy demands that a majority be heard. It is time to step aside and allow the People their will. Quite simple.

  • The silence is deafening and in response to that silence we now have several countries around the world moving forward on drug law reform,several states have legislators submitting legalization bills and every effort will have to be addressed by the drug czar’s mufti-national expenditure of his 25 billion dollar budget,,requested before all this happened.

    If the DOJ and ONDCP take actions against all states,cities and countries attempting to end prohibition of marijuana,,the budget next year will be $50 billion or more,,,

    What the hell,,


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