NEW POLL: Washington’s Marijuana Legalization Initiative, I-502, Holds Huge Lead

A new poll just released by SurveyUSA, shows Washington State’s Initiative 502 is maintaining its commanding lead heading into November. The latest survey data has likely voters in Washington supporting I-502 by a large margin, 57% of respondents stated they planned on voting yes, 34% said they would vote no, and 9% are undecided. Worth noting is, unlike previous polling in other states, I-502 does not seem to have a glaring gap when it comes to support from female voters. 57% of women said they support the measure alongside 58% of men.

This is a slight increase in support over SurveyUSA’s previous poll, which had support at 55%, opposition at 32%, and 13% undecided. You can view more details on this latest survey here.

A state initiative would license and regulate marijuana production, distribution and possession for people 21 and over. It would remove state criminal and civil penalties for limited possession of marijuana, impose an excise tax on marijuana sales and earmark some revenue for substance abuse prevention, research and education. Should the measure be enacted into law?

WA Poll

  • joeyrockx

    Thank god, its embarrassing it took this long. The only question is this, how stupid are the loons who still continue to support the prohibition of marijuana? Talking about keeping your head in the sand….

    • I hear ya brother!

    • have you actually read the whole thing? i was for it but after reading it and being a person who has a garden, i am now voting no. i want to still be able to grow my own and not have to pay an arm and a leg to do so. plus have the government up my butt.

      • Dave

        If you are a medical user, the new law would not affect your ability to grow your own.

  • SteveSarich

    The same poll showed Obama with a 17 point lead. I’m not buying their numbers.

  • I-502 supporter

    Bring it to town Washington, postponing it will only make people want it more

  • Chris McManus

    No. This measure should not be enacted into law. It sets unprecedented new DUID laws, we are now faced with roadside blood test if we are suspected of cannabis, it puts the state in direct jeopardy with federal law, and puts strict control over who can grow and such. MMJ patients in our state are concerned about the 5ng blood limit. If everyone reads the language they will see the many flaws in the law.
    I-502 is NOT legalization by any means.

    • Skeptic

      State law is already inconsistent with federal law because we have medical marijuana laws. I-502 puts no new regulations in place on medical patients who are already growing for themselves because it doesn’t change the medical marijuana laws. Your claim about a roadside bloodtest is utterly false. I-502 changes nothing about the way the public interacts with the police. The 5ng limit comes into play only during the trial, and is an improvement over current law in which no distinction is made between active and carboxy THC. Someone has been lying to you. Yes, I have read the bill many times, mainly so that I can push back on the propoganda that you are repeating.
      Don’t believe the lies. They are all so easily refuted. Vote “YES” on I-502.

    • Truthspeaker

      Yeah! This law isn’t perfect, so let’s keep prohibition in place! You’re a shill. A plant for the anti-legalization people. Just like Prop 19

    • RC

      get over it! You can’t get your ‘perfect law’. You medical marijuana users better take advantage of this measure before the tide turns. You will never get some perfect law like you want. Life doesn’t work like that! Be happy with this law and deal with it!

  • SteveSarich

    I guess NORML is doing a great job of screening every post that disagrees with them. Maybe the new leadership will wake up….before NORML goes broke.


      No Way. NORML is too stupid and hidebound to wake up and realize that they rate a bunch of pitiful old dinosaurs just waiting for natural selection to cull them out of the herd. I predict that the backlash from the I-502 Rick Steves $50,000 payoff scandal and their anti teen and anti-patient bias dooms NORML as a political force, even after they replace Creepy Keith and “Lucky” St. Pierre

  • “It sets unprecedented new DUID laws, we are now faced with roadside blood test if we are suspected of cannabis, it puts the state in direct jeopardy with federal law, and puts strict control over who can grow and such.”

    14 states have DUI-C laws. Most all are zero tolerance laws and measure metabolites. Nevada and Ohio have a 2 ng limit. I-502 is unprecedented. It measure ONLY active, delta 9 THC, not metabolites, it sets the level at 5 ng of active THC, blood draws MUST be performed at a hospital. A blood draw cannot be taken from a driver until all three of the following conditions have been met: (1) probable cause for an arrest, (2) reasonable belief of driving while impaired (typically established through field sobriety tests), and (3) reasonable belief the impairment is caused specifically by drugs, and not alcohol. Since the DUI-C is tied to legalization, all of these things do make it unprecedented.

    I-502 does not change the state’s medical cannabis law in any way. Medical cannabis users are permitted under I-502, as now, to grow their own marijuana and to participate in collective gardens. Those who do not have a medical recommendation are not permitted to grow–just like now.

    More information at the New Approach Washington website.

    • dombomb

      We aren’t in Ohio or Nevada so why care about what they are doing. If a person can’t drive normal and walk a straight line because they are too high then they should be getting a DUI.

  • Gil Mobley, MD

    The ballot language being mailed to each WA voter will sway some voters to vote against i-502 as it points out the fatal flaw of its DUI provisions.

  • Allison Bites

    This poll, like all of the pro-502 propaganda, fails to accurately portray I-502. Significantly missing is any mention of the DUID provisions of I-502. The result? complete B.S.

    Any desired result can be achieved by deceptive polling.
    I have an idea. How about if the I-502 supporters just stop lying to the public? It might not get their initiative passed, but it would certainly be more honest.

    • I think youre wrong, I think learning the duid provision would make people more likely to vote yes.

  • J K

    Many so called “pro legalization” organizations are upset that they will be out of work when this initiative passes. Not coincidentally, many of these same organizations are ran by dealers who also don’t want to watch their livelyhoods be destroyed. This is why you hear Sensible arguing against this law – and using the “impairment levels vary from person to person” argument. The truth is, laws should serve the general public – and this initiative is attempting to do that. Those with the ability to drive with elevated levels of THC are the exception, and if they want to attempt to get some type of exemption/endorsement on their license they can fight that battle even if this initiative passes.

  • NoDUI?Falsepoll!

    I don’t see anything about the DUI provisions in this poll.
    Obviously, this is just more of the same misrepresentation and lies that have fueled the I-502 campaign from the start.

    Maybe the same 3 trolls that NORML/I-502 pays to spread poison on the internet each voted 300 times in this poll to generate the results that big dada Keithi Amin required.

    • So much anger, you should smoke a bowl and calm down!

  • Ed

    But what it doesn’t tell you is that there will be a 5 nano gram DUI and what about the Feds ? No thanks


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