BREAKING: Medical Marijuana Initiative Approved for the Ballot in Arkansas

This afternoon, the Arkansas secretary of state’s office announced that an initiative that aims to allow Arkansas patients with qualifying conditions to use cannabis for therapeutic purposes has qualified for the ballot in November. The campaign backing the initiative, Arkansans for Compassionate Care, had submitted their initial signatures for approval in July, only to come up short. The state allowed them additional time and the campaign was able to meet the required threshold of 62,507 valid signatures.

Arkansas now joins Massachusetts and Montana on the list of states voting on medical cannabis measures this fall. These measures, taken with the legalization initiatives in Washington, Oregon, and Colorado and the numerous local ordinances being placed before voters, make this fall’s election one for the marijuana law reform history books.

Help us deliver the fatal blow to cannabis prohibition in November. Register to vote and get informed on all the details regarding marijuana and the 2012 election by reading NORML’s voter guide “Smoke the Vote.”

  • countrygirlbby#4otw

    O please vote to have this passed!!!! Then me and hubby can move back home and he won’t drag me to live somewhere where it is legal.. it helps his whole way of life being able use this organic plant instead of all the other “legal prescribed” drugs that are highly addictive. he has severe anxiety among many other physical issues and when he has to take pills he’s moody, has absolutely no patience, and has no ambition to do anything at all. along with having adult deficit disorder like crazy. when he smokes marijuana hes able to controll his pain and mental issues like he had none at all. its a miracle drug for him and our family. there is no way marijuana could ever be abused like the pills that the drs are so anxious to prescribe that ruins pols lives and relationships.. so many ppl could benefit from this .. please ppl vote yes!!


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