NORML Down with Android, Finally!

NORML Android Mobile AppAfter the successful launch two years ago of a NORML app on Apple’s iTunes, NORML’s large online information and social activism network to reform cannabis laws is finally linked up in the smart phone universe with Android fans.

The new mobile app for NORML on Android, designed by former NORML legal intern Matthew Donigian, is found here.

With nearly 400,000 Facebook supporters, 115,000 opt-in listserv subscribers, 60,000 Twitter followers and NORML-powered Apple and Android mobile apps, cannabis consumers and activists today can remain dialed in 24/7 to all of the relevant cannabis-related news and information important for us all to know and be aware of on the march to replace failed Cannabis Prohibition laws, with sensible alternatives public policies.

For someone who has worked at NORML pre-Internet, the reality that a cannabis consumer and/or law reform activist can now possess so much verifiable, credible and timely information at the touch of a button (an entire university library’s worth of information!), remotely delivered to a hand-held device, has always helped in my mind to recognize that the writing is on the wall for Cannabis Prohibition in America because we all know that information is power—and now that citizens have more than enough access to information and networking tools, the federal government and other supporters (and beneficiaries) of the seventy-five year old Cannabis Prohibition laws can no longer in unfettered and unchallenged ways continue to mislead and deceive the public about cannabis, cannabis consumers or the ill-effects of prohibition.

Again, information is power. Cannabis Prohibition is a worthy victim of both information and citizen action.

  • neil

    about effing time!!!
    Droid passed Apples over a year ago no?
    The signs were all showing that the tide of one company vs many companies was unstoppable.
    And like many companies, NORML decided a big F U to Android users was ok business practice.
    It wasnt right when MS used to muscle Appl in its desktop monopoly since Apple was a single digit player but Apple-Droid were pretty much nose-to-nose and you decided to go with the buzz.

    Dont expect any thanks or gratiude. I will live without the app as I have before.
    Just makes me worry about your planning sense.


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