Congress has tunnels in their brains

So, our morons Congress have come up with a new law! Because there weren’t enough already.

You know how traffickers have been using tunnels (along with submarines, aircraft, corrupt TSA employees and just about any other device) to smuggle drugs into the country?

Well, Congress decided that the problem has been not that drug smuggling is obscenely profitable, but rather that people just don’t know you’re not supposed to dig tunnels under the border and smuggle drugs and stuff. So they’re writing a law to make that illegal.

Border Tunnel Prevention Act of 2012

Any person convicted of using a tunnel or subterranean passage to smuggle aliens, weapons, drugs, terrorists, or illegal goods is subject to an enhanced sentence for the underlying offense. Additional sentence enhancements would further deter tunnel activities and increase prosecutorial options.

This makes me wonder what it is that the authors of the bill are really trying to accomplish. It’s clearly not to reduce the smuggling of drugs, aliens, or other things, because the enhanced sentences are not for those activities. Smugglers can take another route with no additional penalty. In fact, Congress appears to be encouraging exactly that with this bill.

No, the authors seem to be specifically concerned about tunnels. Are they afraid that Mexico will tear off from the U.S. like a perforated ticket stub if we get too many tunnels?

Is it an extreme case of tunnel-phobia? Where even hearing about these tunnels gives them the willies?

Do they really think that yet another law will actually deter people from digging tunnels? Would a law have deterred Hogan, Newkirk, Kinch, Carter, or LeBeau from using tunnels?

If you looked into the ear of one of these Congressional representatives, could you see light at the other end?

The Border Tunnel Prevention Act of 2012 has been authored by Sivestre Reyes (not to be confused with the much more intelligent Silvester the Cat). Dianne Feinstein is the sponsor of the Senate version.

Send some love the way of Reyes’ opponent Beto O’Rourke, who would be far superior.

[Thanks, Mark]

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