Busy times for politicians

January 31, 2011

Chuck Schumer wants to ban the latest media-fueled drug craze: “bath salts.”

As long as we have prohibition for drugs like marijuana, there will be a lucrative market for legal (and possibly dangerous) alternatives, and technologically savvy opportunists will create new ones faster than the idiot politicians can ban them.

And what about all the other things that haven’t been banned yet? When I was in High School, two kids died from huffing kerosene. When is Schumer going to ban kerosene?

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Pete Guither is the editor of drugwarrant.com
  • JoshuaDershowitz

    Who owns the federal reserve?

    Who runs it?

    Well, one doesn’t wish to fall for ‘canards’ but… 7 of 12 Federal Reserve presidents, the Chair and Vice Chair, and about half of the Board of Governors are members of a group comprising less than 3% of the population. 

    Coincidence, maybe?  Or can facts be “canards?”

    Well, as to Obama’s Cabinet:  the Director of the Office of Management & Budget and the Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers are members of this same group.

    So are the Chairs of the SEC and the Commodity Futures Trading Commision.

    If you want to be appointed to the World Bank…  well, the current guy is Korean.  

    but the prior 3 were members of the 3%.

    Now, at what point, when the usual suspects trot out the charges of racism and “canard” do you call bullsh*t and note that when an ethnoreligious group comprising 3% of the population is so overwhelmingly over-represented in positions of financial power – it has to be the product of a concerted effort….

    So then…

    Who owns the Federal Reserve?  The Bank of England? 

    Why it’s not all that 3%, of course – but is that 3% as over-represented amongst the managing bankers and millionaires in Britain, or Russia, or Ukraine, or Australia, or France or elsewhere?

    Given the over-representation simply discussed at top… why is it never discussed in the major media???????

    If someone calls ‘X’ a “canard” – does that mean its false, or that the someone wants to obfuscate its truth?


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