Drug War Successes

January 28, 2011

bullet image Yellow Journalism in action. Check out this article in the Daily Mail: Legal but lethal: So-called ‘legal highs’ are every bit as deadly as heroin and cocaine. It’s so quintessentially Daily Mail in tone. Actually, the research done for the article is relatively impressive — assuming any of it is to be believed — and I may have learned something. But the breathless melodramatic automatic condemnation of anything drug-related makes the article almost unreadable.

bullet image The General’s Drug Problem in USA Today is an interesting article about the apparent rampant use/addiction to prescription drugs in the military.

Standing before a packed hall of 700 military doctors and medics here, the deputy commander of the nation’s elite special operations forces warned about an epidemic of chronic pain sweeping through the U.S. military after a decade of continuous war. [...]

An internal Army investigation report released Tuesday revealed that 25% to 35% of about 10,000 soldiers assigned to special units for the wounded, ill or injured are addicted to or dependent on drugs, according to their nurses and case managers. Doctors in those care units told investigators they need training in other ways to manage pain besides only using narcotics.

I suppose they could try cannabis.

bullet image Coca-chewing Bolivians press for end to UN ban

Article about the Bolivian protests against the United States for opposing the amendment that would remove coca chewing from the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. The real kicker is in the closing paragraph.

The US embassy, in a statement reaffirming US opposition to the proposed amendment to the UN convention, said it was willing to work with the Bolivian government “out of respect for these millennial practices.”

Translation: We know it’s not enforced and there’s no way to enforce it, but we want to have it on the books so we can use it against you whenever we want to complain that you’re not doing enough in the drug war.

bullet image Increased Violence as a Drug War Metric by Steven Taylor at Ouside the Beltway. I can’t even count the number of times we’ve seen someone say that the violence in Mexico is a sign that we’re winning. Here’s another one:

Via the BBC: Hillary Clinton backs Mexico drug war comes the following:

The Mexican authorities argue that the rising violence shows that the gangs are being weakened and turning increasingly on each other, but critics argue the use of troops has only served to provoke increasingly gruesome murders.

Taylor usefully provides a chart to show how well we’re doing.

Mexico Drug War Deaths

That’s a whole lotta “success” there.

[Thanks, Radley]

bullet image Scott Morgan reminds us: If You Have Drugs, Don’t Agree to a Police Search. For obvious reasons if you read the article. And actually, the same is true if you don’t have drugs. Never consent to a search. There are tons of good reasons not to consent regardless of whether you have drugs.

Scott says: “It seems like such a simple concept, but for some irrational reason, a lot of people still don’t get it.” Exactly. I still run into people like that all the time. They somehow think that it’s better not to antagonize the officer and let them search. But every defense attorney will tell you two things: Never consent to a search, and shut the f#ck up.

(I think I’d have a harder time with the second one, actually. I’d have a desire to try to “convert” them.)

This is an open thread (as if that made any difference).

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Pete Guither is the editor of drugwarrant.com
  • Better to have something vital you don’t need, than to need something vital and not have it…..

  • Nelson Vanvickle

    The Apocalypse is not something that anyone should desire to live through.  These “doomsday preppers” may survive the initial conflagration, only to be left to face the grim reality of a world gone mad and a shortened lifespan due to severe hardship, sleep deprivation and adrenal exhaustion from having to perpetually guard against intruders, disease and malnutrition. No thanks. I would rather be incinerated at ground zero and not have to worry about it. Then again, it might be fun to shoot the heads off zombies in a post-apocalyptic world. Meh?

    • Homerkilbossie

       I would bet that someone who cant decide between dieing, or staying alive to kill others, would be considered criminally insane and a threat to society. Get some help before you hurt someone innocent.

  • Doug

    I welcome complete and total destruction. There are too many idiots breeding. They need to be thinned…again.

    • Homerkilbossie

       hey douggy, how do you feel about they start the thinning with you? Be a real guy, stand up and put your pie hole where your money is, volunteer to be the first of the thinned out.

  • It’s never a bad idea to stock up on survival supplies and long term emergency food. 

  • Homerkilbossie

    G_D commands us to prepare for famine and he commands us to feed those who need food and to protect those who need protection. Prepping for any other reason is most likely less that honorable. 

  • louiseobrien2010

    The Israelis controls the US banks and the Israelis have wanted all of the wars. Israel’s goal is to control the world which it can now do now that the US is bankrupt and its power is out of the way.

    • Totallyglobal

      I think your furlough is up as is your weekend pass from the mental hospital.

  • louiseobrien2010

    The Saudis were not happy when the US stopped the vote for a Palestinian state going through the UN. China supported voting on a Palestinian state.  Even though the US media is always saying that Iran is the enemy of every country in the Middle East and the world and that’s why Iran should be bombed into the ground, I do not think this is really  a true picture of the situation. 

    Americans needs to realise that prostitutes sleep with anyone, as long as they are willing to pay and this pretty much sums up the Saudis. The Saudi Government has far more in common with China than America.  


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